A Cheaper Solution to CPAP

Sleep apnoea is a sleeping disorder that can affect you while you’re asleep and can be life-threatening. If you have sleep apnoea, your doctor will likely recommend you use a CPAP machine. A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine uses mild and pressurised air to keep your airways open so you can breathe normally while you are asleep. However, a CPAP machine can be pretty expensive. So, if you have sleep apnoea or know someone who has sleep apnoea, here is a list of cheaper solutions to help you treat sleep apnoea without CPAP.

Alternatives To CPAP

There are many alternatives to a CPAP machine that only a few people know. And although they are not as effective as a CPAP machine, these alternatives can still be a good and effective treatment of sleep apnoea without CPAP. Not to mention that they are more affordable than most CPAP machines today.


If you have mild sleep apnoea, Somnibel from Home Healthcare Online is your best choice. It is not only cheaper than a CPAP machine but it also can be a very effective cure for sleep apnoea without CPAP. The Somnibel is a small and easy-to-use device that is attached to your forehead while you’re asleep. It works by vibrating gently whenever it detects that you are sleeping in a supine position (on your back) and encourages you to change your sleeping position which reduces the chances of snoring or sleep apnoea.

Oral Appliances

Oral appliances — like a mouthguard, can help hold your tongue in place and ease your jaw while you are asleep. This helps keep your airway free and open while you are sleeping. Mouthguards are cheap and effective.

Weight Loss

Another cheap solution to battle sleep apnoea without the help of a CPAP machine is to encourage yourself to lose weight. Obesity is one of the main factors that contribute to developing sleep apnoea. There is research that states that losing 10% of your body weight can help reduce the symptoms of sleep apnoea.

Oral Surgery

An individual’s genetics can also be the cause of sleep apnoea. Those who are born with larger tonsils or extra tissue in their throat can experience difficulty in breathing, especially while they are asleep. Doctors recommend these people treat their sleep apnoea by undergoing oral surgery and also help them breathe easier.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, sleep apnoea can be developed due to poor lifestyle routines. If you want an easy and cheap solution to battle your sleep apnoea, you can start by changing your lifestyle routines. These simple changes in your lifestyle can help improve your sleeping routine:

  • Sleeping on your side - sleeping on your side can help your blood circulate easier all over your body. This position also helps the air reach your lungs more effectively than sleeping on your back.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol - drinking a few glasses of alcohol before you sleep can relax the muscles in your upper airway. When this happens, it will be much harder for you to breathe.
  • Exercise - exercising can help you lose weight, make your lungs relax, and can also reduce the seriousness of your sleep apnoea.
  • Don’t smoke - smoking can help increase the swelling in your airway which worsens your sleep apnoea.
  • Relieve nasal congestion - relieving nasal congestion with medication can help open up the passage for your airways which can help you breathe easier.

Sleep apnoea is a serious medical disorder that needs to be taken care of as it can be life-threatening. To reduce and cure sleep apnoea, one should know how to cure it through different approaches. If you think a CPAP machine is too expensive, there are other ways to help you with your sleep apnoea. At Home Healthcare Online, we have other devices you can use to treat your sleep apnoea. Learn more by visiting our site.

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