How to Use an Inhaler with a Spacer and Mouthpiece

Asthma is a serious respiratory condition that should be monitored very closely. Patients who have been diagnosed with asthma may experience symptoms of mucus buildup and shortness of breath. 

Asthma is manageable with the right dosage of medication, however it can be difficult to monitor if your child is suffering from asthma and they are not using the inhaler correctly. If your child is struggling to effectively use their inhaler, we recommend affixing a spacer and mouthpiece to ensure that they receive the correct dosage of medication to their lungs in a more controlled manner.

Here are some tips that can help you learn how to use an asthma spacer.

How to Use a Spacer and Face Mask with an Inhaler?

A spacer is a device that looks like an empty tube and is usually made of plastic. The end of a spacer is attached to a mouthpiece of an inhaler while the other end is used as a mouthpiece or a mask can be attached so you can get the right amount of medicine to your lungs.

If you don’t know how to use an inhaler with a spacer and a mouthpiece, follow these steps below:

  1. Take the cap off the inhaler and the spacer, then shake the inhaler aggressively before each use
  2. Attach the end of the spacer to the inhaler
  3. Prepare yourself by breathing out gently to empty your lungs (try to push as much air as you can)
  4. Now, place the mouthpiece over the nose and mouth to create a seal ensuring medication can’t escape the mask
  5. Press down the inhaler and spray one puff into the spacer
  6. Breathe in normally through your mouth (if possible, breathe as deeply as you can)
  7. Take off the spacer from your mouth and nose and hold your breath as long as comfortable (this method will help the medicine reach deep into your lungs)
  8. Pucker your lips or open them slightly and breathe out slowly through your mouth
  9.  Put the cap back on your inhaler
  10.  After using your inhaler, make sure to rinse your mouth with water, gargle it, and then make sure to spit it out (if you swallow the water some side effects from your medicine may occur)

What Does an Inhaler Do for Someone Without Asthma?

Using any kind of medication for a specific condition that you don’t have is not advisable.

Using asthma inhalers even though you are not diagnosed with asthma may not cause strong effects like other medications, but it will still impact your overall health. Inhalers are used as relieving medication for people diagnosed with asthma. This type of medication helps in clearing out the airway and to relieve spasms in airway muscles. If you are not diagnosed with asthma and you try using an inhaler, there would be no effect on your airway. However, potential side effects such as an increase in your heartbeat and muscle shaking may be experienced.

How to Keep Your Inhaler Clean

As inhalers are used regularly and require oral usage, it is important to keep the mouthpiece clean to avoid any bacterial build up.  Here are some steps that you can follow to keep your inhaler clean:

  1. Remove the metal tube from the L-shaped actuator
  2. Rinse the actuator and the cap alone with warm water
  3. Let them dry naturally overnight (make sure not to wipe them with any cloth)
  4. Put the metal tube back inside the next day
  5. Put the cap on to avoid dust and other debris getting into your inhaler
  6. Remember not to rinse any other parts

How to Clean your Face Mask and Spacer

Your spacer and face mask should be cleaned weekly for hygiene purposes, no matter the amount of usage or straight away if it is visibly dirty.

  1. Remove all individual parts including the mask, base mouthpiece of spacer
  2. Hand wash all pieces with warm soapy water
  3. Allow for your face mask and spacer to air dry before reassembling and safely storing

Knowing how to use an inhaler with a spacer and face mask correctly can ensure that you get the prescribed amount of medication in your lungs more effectively. If you are looking for a high-quality spacer and mask combo for your kids at any age or even for adults, get in touch with us today at Home Healthcare Online for the best quality of products. 

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