10 Benefits of Using a CPAP Machine

A CPAP machine is not only used to help people that are diagnosed with sleep apnoea. Using CPAP therapy can give you lots of benefits that are not only good for your health but your budget and the people around you as well.

If you want to learn what are the benefits of a CPAP machine, read along with this post.

Top 10 Benefits of a CPAP Machine

There are various CPAP benefits that one can enjoy. From improving your sleep to making you alert and active during the day. According to research, patients that have used a CPAP machine to help with their sleep apnoea were also able to enjoy these 10 CPAP machine benefits:

  • Being Energised

One major effect of sleep apnoea is feeling tired and unmotivated during the daytime. Patients that suffer from sleep apnoea feel like they can’t even open their eyes or move their hands and feet normally unless they get proper rest and sleep. Since sleep apnoea interrupts your airflow, you will be interrupted a lot of times in your sleep. 

Using a CPAP machine can help keep your airways open so you will have no trouble sleeping. And if one gets enough sleep, they will feel more energised during the day.

  • Better Heart

Sleep apnoea can put a lot of stress on your heart. Since it blocks your airway and interrupts your breathing, less oxygen will reach your heart — which sometimes results in heart attacks during sleep. However, using a CPAP machine will ensure that your body and heart will receive enough oxygen even while you are asleep.

  • Prevent Strokes

Since sleep apnoea interrupts your breathing, the level of oxygen that reaches your brain will also be interrupted and can result in a stroke. But if you use a CPAP machine to battle sleep apnoea, you could also be helping to prevent yourself from experiencing a stroke at night.

  • Prevent Diabetes

Sleep apnoea is also linked to the development of diabetes. However, some studies show that using a CPAP machine can help improve a person’s glucose sensitivity and improve their glucose resistance and metabolism.

  • Encourage Weight Loss

Not many people are aware of this but sleep apnoea also increases your craving for sweet things, thus, encouraging weight gain. However, using a CPAP machine can help you feel more motivated during the day which can help you feel more energised and help you exercise.

  • Improve Your Mood

Waking up tired can make you feel annoyed and lazy during the day — which can also affect your mood and the way you treat others. That’s why using a CPAP machine not only improves your sleeping routine but also has a positive effect on your mood throughout the day.

  • Stronger Immune System

Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system — which can increase your exposure to colds and viruses. But if you help yourself by using a CPAP machine, you will not just improve your sleep but also strengthen your immune system.

  • Prevents Headaches

One of the most annoying effects of sleep apnoea is waking up with a raging headache. This is due to the lack of oxygen in your bloodstream. Getting enough sleep by using a CPAP machine can prevent an individual from experiencing headaches.

  • Lower the Risk of Car/Motorcycle Accidents

When you lack sleep, you will easily lose focus and become unaware of your surroundings, which can follow when you’re driving. If you get your goodnight’s sleep, you will be more focused and alert during the day which lowers your risk of traffic accidents compared to your alertness on a bad night’s sleep.

  • Improve Your Work Performance

If you are energised and alert, you will be more focused on your work and improve your work performance. Your cognitive ability is vastly enhanced by simply having enough sleep.

Sleep apnoea can be a life-threatening medical condition. That’s why you need to treat it as soon as possible. At Home Healthcare Online, we have a CPAP machine and other devices you can use to treat your sleep apnoea.

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