Why a CPAP Machine is Important for Sleep Apnoea Patients

Are you having trouble sleeping? Or perhaps are you suffering from a certain sleeping disorder — like sleep apnoea? If so, then you will likely need the help of a CPAP machine.

There are various treatments for sleep apnoea. However, most doctors recommend the use of a CPAP machine. Although it’s a bit expensive, it is a very effective method of treating sleep apnoea. Today, we are going to help you learn and understand why a CPAP machine is important for patients with sleep apnoea.

What is a CPAP Machine? 

With the many types of treatment for sleep apnoea available and practised today, doctors still highly suggest using a CPAP machine. A CPAP machine or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine is one of the most commonly used sleep apnoea treatments. Although there are other ways to treat sleep apnoea without CPAP, this method is still the most recommended by doctors and patients alike.

A CPAP machine delivers pressurised air through to your lungs while you are asleep so your airways are kept open. This device also reduces your risk of experiencing other health issues while you’re asleep such as a heart attack or a stroke.

What are CPAP Machines used for?

CPAP machines are mainly used to treat patients with obstructive or central sleep apnoea. Both of these disorders interrupt your breathing during your sleep — which can occur many times at night and can lead to a life-threatening situation. So, to keep your airways open and deliver a constant supply of oxygen to your body while asleep, you will need a CPAP machine.

How does a CPAP Machine Work?

Your CPAP machine takes the air in your room and then filters it so you can receive it in a cleaner and pressurised way. It is delivered through a tube and into your mask, so you can keep receiving oxygen while you are asleep. Moreover, because of the pressurised air, your tongue, soft palate, and uvula will not shift too far into your airway which can help stabilise your breathing and improve your overall sleep experience.

What are the Benefits of a CPAP Machine?

The main benefit of a CPAP machine is to help patients with sleep apnoea sleep better. However, this device can also give you other benefits such as:

Prevention of Heart Disease

Sleep apnoea can be bad for your health and put your heart in danger. Because it stops the flow of oxygen from going into your lungs, it can cause heart problems that can be life-threatening and put your heart under an enormous strain.

Stroke Prevention

Constant use of your CPAP machine can also help reduce the risk of experiencing a stroke while asleep. Because of the blockage of airflow, your brain may not receive an ample amount of oxygen which can lead to a stroke.

Diabetes Prevention

Using a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea can also help improve your insulin sensitivity.

Prevents Vehicle Accidents

When your sleep apnoea kicks in, you will likely get a lesser amount of sleep which can affect your daily activities — like driving. Using a CPAP machine can help with your sleep apnoea and improve your sleeping routine. This can help you wake up more energised and reduces the risk of vehicle accidents.

Improve Concentration and Daytime Alertness

When you lack sleep, you tend to feel disoriented and unalert — which is why using a CPAP machine can also help improve your concentration, daytime alertness and helps your brain function better during the day.

Using a CPAP machine can be very beneficial and can help treat your sleep apnoea. That’s why we at Home Healthcare Online, highly encourage patients diagnosed to try our CPAP machine and other sleep therapy products.

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