Benefits Of Mask With Spacer

Asthmatic patients require medicine to help make breathing easier. An inhaler is the most common way to deliver this medicine, but it will only be effective when used in the correct manner. Many kids and adults find this challenging. Thankfully, there’s a mask and spacer combo that can solve this problem.

A spacer is a clear plastic tube that has a mouthpiece or mask on one end and a hole to fit an inhaler on the other end. This device is used with a metered-dose inhaler (MDI) to make inhalers easy to use for all patients living with asthma. From kids to adults, learning how to use an inhaler with a spacer will make medication intake easier!

Advantages of Using a Spacer

Depending on the severity and type of asthma, some patients may be required to use an inhaler every day. However, not all patients know how to use an inhaler, especially kids. Learning the breathing coordination to effectively use MDI requires patience and plenty of help from a healthcare provider. It’s why many doctors recommend using a spacer, and here are some of its advantages:

  • It’s designed to deliver up to 2x the medication to your lungs than using an inhaler alone.
  • Taking medicine every day or when needed becomes easier.
  • It gives you more time to inhale by holding the medication of your inhaler in the tube, enabling you to breathe it in slowly and smoothly.
  • Reduces the risk of side effects, such as oral thrush, because there’s less medicine caught in your mouth.
  • It’s small and a convenient alternative to a nebuliser, and it works just as well.

There are many types of spacers in the market. Among them, the most recommended by doctors is the valved holding chamber. It’s a spacer with a mask that traps and holds the puff from your MDI, giving you time to take a slow, deep breath.

5 Benefits of Mask with Spacer

Spacers are inhaler aid devices that can only be used with MDI. Some of them may be valved but some are unvalved, usually called small-volume spacers. Whichever your doctor recommends, they are both compatible with a spacer mask.

Here are five benefits of using your spacers with a mask:

Breathing is easier

Since the mask will cover your nose and mouth, breathing in your asthma medication will be easier. The spacer will slow down the speed of the aerosol from the inhaler, giving you time to comfortably inhale the medicine.

Note: Before you press your puffer, ensure that the mask is tightly sealed onto your face to avoid medication from leaking.

Suitable for children

Some children dislike holding their spacer as they find it difficult or uncomfortable despite it aiding in better medication delivery. Getting them a mask to attach to their spacer can be helpful for both of you. With this, you can administer their medication even when they’re sleeping.

Tip: Let your children play with the mask and practice with their toys to acquaint them with the device.

Adults can use it

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with asthma, you can definitely benefit from a spacer mask. There are reliable brands that create mask sizes that fit adults. Consult your doctor or local pharmacist on where you can purchase these masks.


Asthma medication and treatment is expensive as it is. Thus, you want to get the most out of them. Investing in a spacer face cover or mask ensures that you get a greater concentration of medicine from your inhaler compared to using it alone.


Both the spacer and mask are washable and many are also dishwasher safe. However, there are some brands that need to be hand washed. If this is the case, wash your mask and spacer with warm soapy water. Once you are finished, leave them on a clean surface to air-dry and reassemble them again.

Note: Do not dry the parts with a cloth or paper towel to avoid static build-up inside the spacer.

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There’s no cure for asthma, but developing a good habit of following your treatment plan can give you a chance to live a normal, healthy life. Thus, investing in a spacer mask can go a long way. They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and increase the effectiveness of inhaled asthma medications for both children and adults!

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