Do Face Masks Really Protect From Germs?

People usually do not care about wearing face masks. Most of us only wear face masks when we’re sick or if we’re in the hospital. But that was before the COVID-19 outbreak. Suddenly, people started caring about face masks — there was even a shortage of face masks in many countries because of how much people needed them.

But the real question is, do face masks protect from germs and other viruses? Today, we’re going to unpack the big question - do medical masks work? We will also uncover the different types of surgical masks and how much a masked face protects you from airborne viruses.

Different Types of Masks and How They Work

There are several different types of masks and each one of them has different features. Although they all protect you against certain types of viruses, there is still a slight difference between their functionality and overall effectiveness.

Medical Masks

You will often see masked people nowadays wearing medical masks. This type of mask is the most common type of mask. They are loose-fitting and disposable. You will mostly see them in hospitals. Medical masks are made to protect the wearer from any contact with droplets and sprays that contain germs and viruses. Medical masks also help in filtering out large particles in the air (that can be harmful to your health) when the wearer inhales.

KN95 Masks

A KN95 mask is a type of respirator that meets international standards. Many doctors and scientists recommend using KN95 masks for better protection of the lungs and the body.

KN95 masks can filter out both large and small particles in the surroundings when the wearer inhales.

N95 Masks

N95 Masks can offer the highest protection to their wearer compared to medical masks and KN95 masks. Just like KN95 masks, it can filter out both large and small particles in the air once the wearer breathes in. There are also N95 masks that have valves in them for better filtration.

Cloth Masks

Cloth masks are made to protect the wearer from droplets released by other people. However, cloth masks usually function as a barrier between the wearer and other people. They are intended to trap respiratory germs or viruses that are released when the wearer talks, coughs or sneezes.

Do Face Masks Really Protect From Germs?

All types of face masks protect us from germs. However, the best ones are masks with valves. They provide more protection and they filter out the air we breathe.

How Much Does Wearing a Mask Protect You From Germs?

A lot of people are unsure when it comes to wearing face masks in public after the COVID-19 virus has taken over so many lives. Some people believe that even if face masks laws are now lifted in most countries, wearing one can still protect you. And other people do not believe in this notion anymore. So, do face masks protect you?

The answer is yes. Research has shown wearing a face mask does not just benefit the wearer but the other people around his or her surroundings as well. Wearing masks helps bring down the community viral load in many countries. Countries that still require the use of face masks in public spaces have lower cases than others that do not.

Face masks are made to filter out germs that may be present around you. Whether they come in the form of liquids or gas, these germs can be filtered out by wearing any type of face mask. However, if you want to be extra sure that no germs or viruses can enter your body, we suggest wearing face masks with valves. But as long as you wear them correctly, you will be increasing your protection against any type of virus.

Face masks help protect you from germs. Although they do not entirely keep ALL the germs away, they can still help filter them out to protect you and are always more protective than no mask at all. If you don’t want to use face masks because you feel like you’re being suffocated, try out our Reusable Personal Protective Mask from Home Healthcare Online. This type of mask filters out germs that can harm you and because of its valve, you are still able to breathe without any hassles. Check out our site for more of our products.

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