Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home: How and Why

Do you know that monitoring blood pressure at home can give loads of health benefits? Follow our guide on how to take blood pressure at home and why you should do it.

Why You Need to Monitor Blood Pressure at Home

As mentioned above, there are many benefits you can get just by taking blood pressure at home. These benefits are as follows:

Early Diagnosis

If you take blood pressure at home, you can help give yourself or a family member an earlier diagnosis. That way, you will be able to learn if you or a family member has any signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney problems.

Track Treatments

If you are undergoing treatments or any type of medication, the best way to track your progress is by taking your blood pressure at home. This will help you and your healthcare provider see if there are any changes in your medical condition or if your medication or treatment is working.

Avoid Being Exposed Outside

Being careful with your surroundings is extremely important — especially now that many types of viruses like COVID-19 are still present in our surroundings. Monitoring your blood pressure at home saves you from being exposed to the outside world. You don’t have to go to your local health clinic or the nearest hospital just to have your blood pressure checked. This only means that you are also saving yourself or a family member from being exposed to viruses.

Saves Time

Another great thing about monitoring your blood pressure at home is that it helps save time. You don’t have to schedule an appointment in your clinic or hospital and wake up early and wait in traffic just to arrive on time. To put it simply, monitoring your blood pressure at home saves you an ample amount of time. Not to mention that doing it at home can also allow you to do it anytime you want to.

Saves Money

Lastly, if you monitor your blood pressure at home you are also saving lots of your money from seeing a professional. Buying a blood pressure monitoring device can be one initial cost compared to seeing a professional once in a while just to have your blood pressure checked. Not to mention that it can also save you transportation money.

How to Take Blood Pressure at Home

Taking your blood pressure at home (or a family member’s) is super easy. As long as you have a blood pressure monitoring device like the Blood Pressure Monitor from Suresense, then doing it at home is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Take the strap and strap it on your upper arm
  2. Sit still and make sure to relax your body
  3. You also have to learn what the numbers on the device mean and what the normal rate should be (you can see an instruction manual on the blood pressure device you are using)
  4. Then, turn on the device and hit the START
  5. Once the strap starts squeezing your upper arm, make sure to keep your whole body relaxed.
  6. After that, the device will record your blood pressure and will automatically release the strong grip on your upper arm

Taking your blood pressure at home can help you call your healthcare provider earlier for early diagnosis (once you see something is wrong with your blood pressure), help keep track of your treatments, avoid being exposed outside, and save you time and money.

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