Living With Adult Asthma: What You Need To Know

Asthma is a serious and chronic respiratory disease that many people deal with throughout their lives. Although there are many medications available today that can ease your asthma symptoms, unfortunately, asthma still doesn’t have a known cure. That’s why it’s very important to understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments of asthma.

Can You Get Asthma As An Adult?

Adult asthma is not an uncommon thing. According to a study, 4.3% of adults worldwide are diagnosed with asthma. Asthma in adults can be developed due to two main reasons: childhood asthma and adult-onset asthma.

Childhood asthma is developed while the patient is still young. This can either be as a result of getting infected with flu or cold or being exposed to allergens. Or it can also be because of genetics or inheritance.

Can childhood asthma return in adulthood? One thing you need to know about asthma is that it does not go away. If you are diagnosed with asthma, then you will have it for the rest of your life. However, there are times when your asthma symptoms do not show up for long periods. So, for those who experience asthma attacks during childhood and are wondering why they’re not experiencing asthma attacks for years, it could be because your medication is effective or you are living a healthy life. However, that does not mean you are immune from your triggers. You still need to be very cautious of your surroundings since your asthma is still present but not active.

On the other hand, adult-onset asthma is asthma that is diagnosed while you are 20 years and above. This type of asthma is only acquired through your adult years. Adults who are more likely to develop adult-onset asthma than others are:

  • Women who are changing their hormones (i.e: pregnant women)
  • Women taking up estrogen after menopause
  • Adults infected with viruses and illnesses like flu or cold
  • Adults with allergies (i.e: Adults who are largely exposed to environmental pollutants like smoke, mould, dust mites, and strong perfume.)

So, can you develop asthma later in life? Yes, you can. If you are exposed to any of the situations listed above, there is a high chance of developing asthma.

What Are The Signs of Asthma in Adults?

Asthma symptoms can vary from person to person. It could be that one person may not experience shortness of breath, while the other does. Here are the most common signs of asthma in adults:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing (whistling sound in your chest while breathing normally)
  • Chest tightness (sometimes accompanied by pain)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive coughing (especially at night or in the morning)

Possible Causes of Adult-Onset Asthma

Like its symptoms, asthma can be caused or developed due to many reasons. While there are groups that are more likely to develop adult-onset asthma, it can also be acquired after exposure to triggers for anyone. These triggers are caused by different reasons such as:

  • Being exposed to allergens (pollen, animal dander, dust mites, etc.)
  • Illnesses caused by a virus, cold, or flu
  • Excessive exercise
  • Displaying strong emotions like stress or anxiety
  • Exposure to irritants like smoke or chemicals
  • Food allergies
  • The odour from strong perfumes and detergents
  • Exposure to work allergens (triggers that are present in the workplace)

Treatments of Asthma in Adults

Asthma still has no cure. However, there are different treatments available today that one can follow to avoid severe asthma attacks. The most recommended treatment for asthma in adults is taking medication. These medications can be taken through inhalation using asthma care equipment like nebulisers or inhalers.

Most doctors recommend asthmatic patients use inhalers as they are travel-friendly. To ensure that patients inhale enough of their medication, it is highly recommended that spacers are used, both for adults and children. Using spacers can waste little to no medication and can assist you during an asthma attack.

Living with asthma as an adult is not easy, especially after acquiring it through your adult years. That’s why it’s crucial to understand everything you need to know about asthma so you can be ready. If you need asthma care equipment, get in touch with us today at Home Healthcare Online.

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