The Misconceptions About Spacer Use for Adults

For people with asthma and other respiratory diseases, inhalers are their lifelines. However, even though asthma inhalers are very effective, the coordination required means they’re almost never used properly. Using inhalers the wrong way can lead to less medication reaching your lungs. That’s why medical providers recommend using a spacer device.

What is a spacer device, and what separates spacers for adults from inhalers alone? Why do you need a spacer for an inhaler? Keep reading below to find out!

What is s Spacer Device?

As mentioned above, when you use your inhaler the wrong way, less medicine will get into your lungs. To fix this problem, you will need the help of a spacer.

An inhaler spacer is a device that connects to the mouthpiece of your inhaler. The medicine inhaled by the patient goes through the spacer first to slow release down and increase the amount of medication that goes to the lungs. Using spacers can help avoid wasting medicine that is sprayed directly into your mouth and ensure it is breathed in.

To put it simply, a spacer helps an asthma patient get more medicine from his or her inhaler. Most spacers are used by children who don’t usually know how to use an inhaler properly. However, spacers aren’t limited to children alone — which leads us to the misconceptions about spacers used by adults.

The Most Common Misconception Of Using Spacer As an Adult

It is a well-known fact that adults are much more coordinated in their body movements than most children. That’s why many people often think spacers are only used for children alone since they may be struggling to perfect their technique. However, the use of spacers is not only intended for children. This device is made to help EVERYONE who has asthma get more medicine into their lungs.

Recent studies show that many adults do not get enough medicine into their lungs because they are lacking the proper technique required when using an inhaler alone. And since most adults think that spacers are only for little children, they do not use spacers to help themselves. According to researchers, getting enough medication into your lungs, whether you are an adult or not, is only achieved if you have the proper medication techniques or if you know how to use your inhaler almost perfectly. That’s why many healthcare providers recommend adults and children alike to use spacers so they can get the right amount of medication to help with their asthma.

Where Can I Buy A Spacer For My Inhaler?

There are many pharmacies and shops today that sell spacers for both children and adults who are suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems. But if you want to use a reliable and affordable spacer for your inhaler without leaving your home, we at Home Healthcare Online can help you.

We have different types of asthma spacers you can choose from. These asthma spacers come in different sizes and with different features too. If you want to know more about our products, visit our site today for information.

How to Use an Inhaler with Spacer

If you are new to using spacers, here is a small guide to help you. Follow the steps below to learn how to use your inhaler with a spacer correctly:

  • Take the cap from your inhaler off
  • Shake your inhaler hard 
  • Gently attach your spacer to your inhaler
  • Empty your lungs by exhaling gently
  • Place the spacer between your teeth and tightly close your lips around it
  • Make sure to keep your chin up
  • Breathe slowly through your mouth
  • Press down your inhaler to spray a gentle amount into your spacer
  • Breathe normally 4 times
  • Take the spacer off your mouth and continue to breathe normally
  • Wait for about 1 minute before taking your next puff
  • After using your inhaler and spacer rinse your mouth with water, gargle, and then spit
Proper medication is not enough to help cure your asthma. That’s why you will need the right device and strategy to not waste your medication and money. If you suffer from asthma or know a loved one who does, ensure that they are aware of the advantages of using an asthma spacer. Check out our site at Home Healthcare Online now for more of our products like cardiac monitoring Australialung health monitoring Australia and sleep therapy Australia.