Why Larger Spacers Are Better

A lot of patients who suffer from asthma do not get the proper amount of medication to reach their lungs. That’s why many healthcare providers recommend using an asthma spacer to resolve this common issue.

If you want to learn more about a spacer and how to use them properly, you can read it here.

What is an Asthma Spacer?

If you suffer from asthma and find yourself not getting enough medicine into your lungs even after using your inhaler (and the chances are very high), your medical provider will likely recommend the use of a spacer.

Now, some people think that using spacers is only limited to children. This is one of the common misconceptions about using spacers. However, a spacer is not just intended for small children who suffer from asthma. The real function of a spacer is to help the right dosage of your medicine reach your lungs. Not to mention that intaking Ventolin and other medications via spacer also helps avoid wastage.

There are two kinds of spacers available: smaller spacers, and larger spacers. Small spacers are used by children while larger spacers are for adults. However, large spacers can also be used with children, depending on their circumstances.

Why Are Larger Spacers Better?

Using a spacer for inhalers has a lot of benefits — especially if you are using a larger one. Here are some of the reasons why larger spacers are better.


When it comes to medication intake, larger spacers provide more medication to reach your lungs than smaller ones. Because of the larger space and tubing, delivery is slowed down at a more effective rate for the user to more easily breathe in all the medication within the chamber rather than any escaping quickly and getting stuck in the throat.


Using an inhaler with a spacer of a larger size also helps to slow breathing down, enabling you to have more controlled breaths and eliminating the need to coordinate breathes with timing and puffs etc.


A larger spacer means that less coordination and technique is required when using an inhaler. A larger space means more time for all the medication to get to the right places instead of changing what is comfortable. 


You don’t have to use a technique (a breathing technique) when using a larger spacer since it helps bring down more medication to your lungs — which can help you recover from an asthma attack much faster than people who do not use one. This can be especially important when it is hard to focus on breathing a certain way when you’re having an asthma attack


When it comes to effectiveness, those who use their inhalers with spacers are proven to recover from an asthma attack much quicker than those who do not and more medication gets into the lungs rather than being stuck in the throat.

How to Use Ventolin Spacer

If you’re new to using spacers, it’s normal to be curious as to how to use them properly. Luckily for you, at Home Healthcare Online we have larger spacers that are easy to use.

Here are some tips to help you learn how to use a larger spacer.


Take off the cap of your inhaler and shake it. You then have to attach your spacer to your inhaler and prepare yourself by breathing out gently from your mouth. Make sure to empty your lungs as much as you can.

Breathing In

Now, you don’t need to have a proper technique to breathe in your medication. However, you need to make sure to put your spacer as tightly as you can between your teeth. Keep your chin up as soon as you start inhaling slowly through your mouth. Then, spray one puff to your spacer by pressing your inhaler. Make sure to breathe deeply and not too fast.

Holding Breath

Then, gently remove your spacer from your mouth. Hold your breath for a moment and exhale. Wait for about 1 minute before taking your next puff. After use, put the cap back on your inhaler. Then rinse your mouth with clean water, gargle and spit out.

 There are many benefits you can gain from using a larger spacer in your asthma management. Thus, if you want to experience all of them, be sure to choose a trusted brand. At Home Healthcare Online, we have different kinds of spacers available, from big to small from e-chamber. We have been helping all patients who suffer from asthma since our doors opened. Visit our site for more information on other products like filter inserts Australiaasthma care Australia and asthma spacers Australia.