What is CPAP and its Benefits

If you suffer from disorders like sleep apnoea or other lung diseases, or if you know a loved one or a friend who does, then you might know a thing or two about CPAP machines.

If you’re new to these machines or want to know more about them, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are going to define CPAP machines and in doing so we will cover the basics of a CPAP machine. You may be asking, what are CPAP machines used for? Well, keep reading down below to find out more!

What is a CPAP Machine?

So, what does CPAP mean? CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It is a medical device used by people who undergo respiratory treatments that helps supply a continuous stream of pressurised air to their lungs to ensure that they sleep without any problems and prevents symptoms of sleep apnoea.

What is a CPAP Machine Used For?

A CPAP machine opens the airways by supplying positive pressure at an automatic, adjusted rate to ensure users of a tailored and improved sleep activity. People who suffer from sleeping disorders — like sleep apnoea — use CPAP machines to help them sleep better.

CPAP machines have three main parts: the motor, CPAP mask, and CPAP hose. The motor is what brings in air from the room and pressurises it according to the settings you have set. The pressurised air then travels from the motor through the CPAP hose and into your CPAP mask. The mask helps welcome the pressurised air into your lungs for better airflow.

Benefits of Using a CPAP Machine

Most people think that CPAP machines are only intended for people who suffer from sleep apnoea. However, CPAP machines also bring out other benefits to the users if used correctly such as:

Heart Disease Prevention

Since sleep apnoea is linked to different heart problems, using a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnoea can also help you avoid suffering from heart diseases. If you have sleep apnoea, your breathing stops when you’re asleep. Because of this, your blood pressure changes and the oxygen level in your blood decreases — which can put an enormous strain on your heart.

Sleep apnoea is one of the major causes of heart problems. It’s also one of the reasons why many people die from a heart attack while they are asleep. Sleep apnoea can also cause other heart problems — like coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and irregular heartbeat.

Stroke Prevention

A stroke can happen if there is a rupture in your blood vessel or if there is a sudden reduction of oxygen in your blood that can go straight to your brain and affect it. The consistent use of CPAP machines can help you avoid experiencing a stroke as they always supply the right amount of air to your lungs.

Diabetes Prevention

Sleep apnoea also contributes to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance — which are both major factors in diabetes. Using CPAP machines can help improve the insulin sensitivity of your body, thus helping you avoid diabetes.

Vehicle Accident Prevention

Do you know that most vehicle accidents happen because the driver lacks a sufficient amount of sleep? Untreated sleep apnoea can cause a patient to suffer from a lack of sleep. So, if you use a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnoea, the chances of you suffering from vehicle accidents are low since a CPAP machine improves your sleep and reduces daytime sleepiness.

Improves Your Alertness

A CPAP machine can help restore your normal sleep patterns and increase the level of your alertness while you are awake. This helps you be more aware of your surroundings.

 Using a CPAP machine has many health benefits. Therefore, if you are using it correctly, you will be able to enjoy these benefits without any problems. We at Home Healthcare Online can offer you different CPAP parts and machines that you can use to treat sleep apnoea and other medical conditions. Visit our site for more of our products like infection control Australiaunvalved masks Australia and valved masks Australia.